Lots of events this weekend

Another busy weekend ahead for event organisers with lots of events this weekend taking place, there are fayres that we know of spread over 30 counties this weekend, with quite a few Saturday events and two day wedding fayres taking place.

Wedding fayres are a great opportunity not only for you to find the suppliers you need but also for you to get a chance to look at some of the venues – most will have a room dressed for the occasion – it also gives you a chance to see if the theme you’ve chosen actually fits into the venue.

Also – there are quite a few opportunities to get discounted prices on the day¬† – although you still shouldn’t feel pressured on the day – it’s your big day so you need to make sure that whoever you arrange to do something you are going to be happy with on the day.

Most organisers mix up the suppliers so that you have a range of prices (and services) although they do tend to limit the number in each category so don’t expect to be able to pick from 5 or 6 photographers in any one event (and remember – they pay to exhibit there as well!)

So since this is one of the busy weekends of this season with lots of events for you to go to – have a good day looking at getting things organised ready for the big day, whether it’s just the venue you need to find, or photographers, stationary, wedding cars, chocolate fountains or you just want to see a bridal exhibition to see if you like the latest fashions and to give you some ideas for bridal gowns – have a good weekend.

Allow enough time to go round the fayre – and don’t forget that some of the exhibitors may not be in the main area.