Busy Time for new events

66 New events added this year already and that’s without the changes to events – cancellations, changes to times, venue moves etc. and that’s excluding the 94 events that were added in December alone.

If you know of a wedding fayre we’ve missed then please don’t hesitate to add it using our wedding fayres submission page and we’ll review and add it as soon as we can. Apologies in advance if there are delays in you seeing it on our site – but we do review every wedding fayre listing before we allow it to go live.

Obviously – with over 100 events scheduled for January we expect that we shouldn’t see too many more events added for this month and we already have over 170 events across the country booked for February already with more added every week and before long we should start to see the next round of events added ready for the next season’s wedding fayres.